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Heavy Duty Platform Weighing Scales

XK-P Series

  • Heavy Duty Floor Scales with XK-3100 weighing indicator
  • Single layer with corner load-cells on movement absorbing foot
  • Bright red LED display
  • Low power consumption (up to 100hours after fully charged)
  • High quality LED display for dark environment
  • Powered by 220VAC or built-in rechargeable battery for mobility
Weighing Area of 1200mm x 1200mm
XK-P1000S 1000kg x 0.2kg
XK-P3000S 3000kg x 0.5kg
XK-P5000S 5000kg x 1kg
Weighing Area of 1500mm x 1500mm
XK-P1000H 1000kg x 0.2kg
XK-P3000H 3000kg x 0.5kg
XK-P5000H 5000kg x 1kg
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