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AA Compact Balances

BS Series

  • stainless steel 130mm dia. round weighing pan
  • LCD display
  • multiple weighing units
  • Pieces counting & percentage function
  • breeze break included
BS-300A 300g x 0.01g
BS-600H 600g x 0.01g
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A&D© Precision Balances

FX-i Series

  • Fast stabilization speed (Just 1 second)
  • Multiple weighing units
  • Standard RS-232C interface
  • USB interface (driver installation not necessary)
  • Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software
  • GLP, GMP, GCP, ISO compliant
  • Statistical calculation function
  • Comparator function
  • Hold function for Animal weighing application
  • Large bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Under hook for suspended weighing
  • Standard Breeze break for 1mg resolution models
  • Data memory function
  • Counting function with ACAI ( Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
FX-120i 122g x 0.001g 130mm
FX-200i 220g x 0.001g 130mm
FX-300i 320g x 0.001g 130mm
FX-1200i 1220g x 0.01g 150mm
FX-2000i 2200g x 0.01g 150mm
FX-3000i 3200g x 0.01g 150mm
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