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Welcome to the website of Annex Automation

Since 1996, we have served,and are still serving, many loyal and great customers in Singapore & Malaysia.Their overwhelming supports blended with our dedicated attentions have contributed to our acheivements.

Our main trade is in weighing scales, particularly electronic weighing scales. Apart from selling weighing scales, we too provide scales repair , scales calibration and other scales services for customers from different trades. Our customers comes from many different trades,here are some:-

Food & Retail
-poultry slaughtering farms and processing factories
-hog(pig) abattiors and hog(pig) processing factories
-seafood processing and packaging facories
-confectioneries and bakeries factories/shops
-cold stores
-wet market
-medical & herbs factories/shop
-hardware retail shop

-freight forwarders
-transport companies

Production & Manufacturing
-chemical plants
-paint mfg plants
-cement plants
-elect. parts assembly plants
-components mfg & assembly plants

and many more....................................Sitemap

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